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Bethel Kids

Childrens ChurchClick the links below to the get the Message and the Lesson.

WEEK OF JULY 5, 2020

Sunday, July 5

Called to Help: The Message
Called to Help: The Lesson

Wednesday, July 8

Rejoice Always

WEEK OF JUNE 28, 2020

Sunday, June 28

Peter and John Arrested: The Message
Peter and John Arrested: The Lesson

Wednesday, July 1

God is My Strength - Philippians Chapter 4

WEEK OF JUNE 21, 2020

Sunday, June 21

Chosen Father: The Message
Chosen Father: The Lesson

Wednesday, June 24

Eye on the Prize - Philippians Chapter 3

WEEK OF JUNE 14, 2020

Sunday, June 14

The Power of the Holy Spirit: The Message
The Power of the Holy Spirit: The Lesson

Wednesday, June 17

A Letter From a Friend - Philippians Chapter 2

WEEK OF JUNE 7, 2020

Sunday, June 7

Jesus Prepares His Disciples for Success: The Message
Jesus Prepares His Disciples for Success: The Lesson

Wednesday, June 10

A Letter From a Friend - Philippians Chapter 1

WEEK OF MAY 31, 2020

Sunday, May 31

The Holy Spirit Comes: The Message
The Holy Spirit Comes - The Lesson

Wednesday, June 3

Gentleness and Self-Control

WEEK OF MAY 24, 2020

Sunday, May 24

In a Few Days: The Message
In a Few Days: The Lesson

Wednesday, May 27

Goodness and Faithfulness

WEEK OF MAY 17, 2020

Sunday, May 17

Persevering for the Promise: The Message
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: Persevering for the Promise
Clubhouse/Elementary: Persevering for the Promise

Wednesday, May 20

Patience and Kindness

WEEK OF MAY 10, 2020

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 13

Joy and Peace

WEEK OF MAY 3, 2020

Sunday, May 3

Waiting for the Promise letter
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: Waiting for the Promise
Clubhouse/Elementary: Waiting for the Promise

Wednesday, May 6

Fruit of the Spirit: Love

WEEK OF APRIL 26, 2020

Sunday, April 26

Letter to Parents
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: The Promise of the Father
Clubhouse/Elementary: The Promise of the Father

Wednesday, April 29

Chosen and Appointed

WEEK OF APRIL 19, 2020

Sunday, April 19

Letter to Parents
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: Jesus Goes to Heaven
Clubhouse/Elementary: Jesus Goes to Heaven

Wednesday, April 22

Connected to Jesus

WEEK OF APRIL 12, 2020

Sunday, April 12

Letter to Parents
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: Jesus is Risen. He is Alive
Clubhouse/Elementary: Jesus is Risen, He is Alive

Wednesday, April 15

Letter to Parents
Jesus Calls Me Friend


Sunday, April 5

Letter to Parents
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: Jesus Gave His Life For Me
Clubhouse/Elementary: Jesus Gave His Life For Me

Wednesday, April 8

Jesus Makes New Friends

WEEK OF MARCH 29, 2020

Sunday, March 29

Letter to Parents
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: Jesus Knows Me. Jesus Loves Me
Clubhouse/Elementary: I am Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Wednesday, April 1

Jesus the Healer

WEEK OF MARCH 22, 2020

Sunday, March 22

Books of the Bible Motions
The Triumphal Entry video
Studio 3K/Pre-K/K: Activity Pages
Clubhouse/Elementary: Activity Pages

Wednesday, March 25

Jesus Calms the Storm

WEEK OF MARCH 15, 2020

Wednesday, March 18

Be Salt Be Light


 Kids class


Sunday Mornings

Visiting a new church can be challenging, so we will do everything we can to help assist you during your first visit. When you arrive on campus, you will find three buildings -- the Worship Center (large dome) where our nursery is located; the Children's Center (located along Todds Lane) where preschool and elementary children meet; and the Life Center (brick building).

When you arrive, our check-in staff will help register your child quickly and assist you with printing your child's pick-up tag. For your child's safety, we use an electronic check-in system with unique tags for each child--that way, only the person with the correct tag can pick-up a child! It gives you, as a parent, piece of mind that we will care for your kids while you enjoy the service. Questions? Email us.

Nursery (0 - 35 months)

Our nursery is open for every service. Our trained and attentive staff will provide for your child's safety and needs while you are ministered to in the many activities available on campus. Our Nursery is located in the Worship Center. Questions? Email us.

Studio 3K! (3yo - K)

Studio 3K is a preschooler's dream! Bethel Kids has a service planned just for this age group. Our lessons are Bible-centered and high energy to keeps kids engaged throughout the entire lesson. We use a dual format in our Sunday service. Kids will start out together for a large group time of worship and teaching, then they breakout into age-specific groups for hands-on learning! Our trained team members will make sure your kids have a blast! Questions? Email us.

The Clubhouse (1st Grade - 5th Grade)

The Clubhouse is a fun, fast paced, service designed for the learning needs of elementary children. Kids start out with a high-energy worship service filled with games, videos, and a relevant Bible lesson, then they go to age and gender specific small groups. In these groups, team members will reinforce the lesson from the large group time and help kids grab onto the BIG IDEA for the day. Questions? Email us.


Wednesday Nights

Nursery (0-35 Months)

Our nursery is open for every service. Our trained and attentive staff will provide for your child's safety and needs while you are ministered to in the many activities available on campus. Our nursery is located in the Worship Center. Questions? Email us.

Bethel Kids' Clubs (36 months - 5th grade)

Wednesday nights are club nights! Through Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls, children are taught in a structured environment focused on fun, discipleship, and Bible study. These programs are tailored to the needs of kids based on age and gender, and they are a lot of fun! Questions? Email us.


Child Dedication Sunday

This is an opportunity for new parents to focus today on what will affect their child’s future. In the midst of all that is changing in your home with the addition of your new baby or young child, we invite you to take a moment to focus on what really matters most. No one will have more influence on your child than YOU! We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. It is our hope that we can partner with you from the very beginning. We want to be your biggest fans, your strongest supporters, and your trusted guides as you raise your child to know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our child dedication service is more than an event. It is an opportunity for you to take some time at the beginning of your journey as a parent to really think about what will matter the most in the life of your child; to really talk together and decide what you value and what you can do today that will have the greatest impact on your child’s future.

We are very happy that you have expressed a desire to have your child dedicated to the Lord in a special service held at Bethel Church.

To sign your child up to be dedicated, please Click here and fill out a separate form for each child being dedicated.




Bethel Child Development Center

Bethel recognizes there is a strong need for quality preschool education in our area. We have designed a program that meets your needs as parent and your child. We know as a parent you want to give your child the best surrounding where they can feel cared for, healthy, happy, and protected. Our primary goal is to provide a safe, educational, and nurturing environment that meets the needs of each individual child while allowing them to learn and grow at their own skill level. We also incorporate Christian values that we consider to be vitally important in preparing children for the future. We will commit to providing your child with a positive, rewarding experience while in our care. The goal of Bethel CDC is not meant to be a daycare, but to partner with parents to prepare kids for school and life! 

For registration information please call 757-826-1426 x308 or email            

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 6 AM-6 PM


6 weeks through Pre-K


Preschool (Potty trained - 5 years old)  - $165 per week

Infant (6 weeks - Potty trained) - $197 per week 

Enrollment - $180

Summer Camp